• We Cook Pizza

    People have said things like 'amazing', 'brilliant', 'excellent' & 'delicious' but we like to think we just cook pizza the way it should be
  • We Cook Pizza

    From swish events in Mayfair (name withheld!) to end of term events at LSE to corporate quiz nights, we always make sure we're the least of your worries
  • We Cook Pizza

    Real pizzaiolos, real ovens, freshest ingredients, expertly leavened dough with nice friendly service - Welcome to the wonderful world of Galzano Brothers Catering

About us

Galzano Brothers

We're simple folk here at Galzano Brothers. We like parties and we like pizza

We don't do much other than great pizza catering and we pride ourselves on our uniquely airy, slightly crispy perfectly baked Italian pizza.

The soul of our pizza is in the dough.

Our dough leavening is a little bit of a secret but every pizza is hand opened, hand stretched & baked by eye to perfection. Our pizzas are around 13inch, baked to a slight char and are all Pizza Rosso (where crushed plum tomatoes serve as the pizza base as opposed to Pizza Bianco where the base used is cheese)

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Our Products

Keep your friends close and your pizza closer

The freshest ingredients and real pizzaiolos help us make a great pizza

Margherita v | satisfyingly simple

Crushed plum tomatoes, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil topped with cheese


Chorizo sausage, red chillies & fresh rocket on our legendary tomato & herb base finished with cheese

Parma | old school

Wafer-thin, cured prosciutto crudo placed just after baking on a crushed tomato, basil & herb base dripped with delicious cheese

Primavera v | one for the paisans!

Our crushed plum tomato, basil & herb sauce topped with tuna, sweetcorn & fresh shallots & cheese


Artichoke hearts, black olives on our crushed tomato, basil & herb sauce topped with cheese & finished with prosciutto crudo

Quattro v

Delicious blend of gorgonzola, emmental, cheddar on our tomato, basil & herb sauce topped with mozzarella cheese

Neptune v | the artisans choice

Anchovy fillets and black olives on our winning tomato, basil & herb sauce sprinkled with cheese


this uniquely seasoned pizza is like nothing you've had before - hand crushed plum tomatoes, delicately seasoned with the perfect ratio of basil & herbs & topped with cheese & Italian pepperoni sausage